About Us

Majestic Shuttles is proud to announce that we are a local 100% Zambian owned company based in Lusaka. The founder and Executive Director, Mr. Lee Michael Schultz started the company in 2020 with a vision to meet the need of travelers that are in need of reliable, punctual travel experiences between locations.

Majestic Shuttles wanted to create a comfortable, consistent and reliable service for the formidable amount of passengers missing international flights due to unreliable shuttle operators. Our shuttle services create a comfortable, reliable and pleasuring experience with each of our shuttle operators leaving you with peace of mind while traveling between one of the most exquisite regions in the world and international airports.

Majestic shuttles strive to deliver opulence business class services that satisfy our guests. Our aim is to provide a memorable and comfortable experience for every guest. There is no excuse for missing international flights through unreliable shuttle operators.

Majestic Shuttles aims to make a difference every day in everything we do, evolving daily to meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations for our shuttle services.

The shuttle industry just became reliable, satisfying and evolution to the shuttle industry.